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Join us on Wed 9PM (ET) for our mid-week sermon screening

Joseph Prince
When Jesus said, 'I am the vine, you are the branches,' and, 'Without Me you can do nothing,' He wasn't exaggerating!

Take a #MidweekGraceBreak as we screen this sermon, Without Jesus, You Can Do NOTHING! from the sermon series, The Jesus-Centered Life. The Bible makes it clear that in Christ, all things exist and are held together. Therefore, a man who makes Jesus central in his life is wise. Solomon's example proves this. After he received wisdom from God, he immediately sought out the Lord's presence and went to worship Him.

Grasp the importance of placing Jesus first in all your endeavours and begin to see results and experience success! #TuneInToGrace

Find out about this sermon: https://bit.ly/3sYoOeb

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