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4 man swf tries to bully my freddy !

pretty intense match ! Got to love these kind of matches though lol Because they make you learn more and become a better killer . This was red ranks. And a couple blue I think . I was red rank a week ago, kind of f***** off and didn't care because I was going threw a lot at the time. Do you think I handled this team good ?! let me know ! I was only trying to do a daily! Usually I don't play Freddy because he is boring. If you would like to come see my main page https://www.facebook.com/deadmansonny drop a follow :) If you think I did good drop a like please ! #deadbydaylight #freddy

Unlimited Daddy Myers ( dead by daylight ps4 )

#deadbydaylight #daddymyers hello youuuuuuu tube ! Hope everybody is having a wonderful evening ! Another " Daddy Myers-unlimited edition" LOL video gameplay Oh man its always so much fun lol Btw this is my recommended perk build for his add-ons But use what you like most and what works for you ! Please drop a like if you think I should make more ,and a subscribe...or else! I may come find you. And eat all your junk food in you house..yea lol You can also find me here !https://www.facebook.com/deadmansonny

Most toxic clown I have ever faced ! (Dead By Daylight )

Noed ,devour hope, And insta-down bottles HOLY COW lol where I have been creating my community at ! https://www.facebook.com/deadmansonny #deadbydaylight #toxic If you would like to see more in the future ,im sure there will be plenty to come lol drop a like :) And check out my fb and drop a follow and join my awesome community !

Dead by daylight (fun times) Compilation

just some cool clips ,and a very mean hook camping Freddy ! And some great gen grabbing Myers #deadbydaylight #compilation

The gen grab myers (dead by daylight ) Ps4

Since the Auto-haven map change, this has probably been the most fun I have had here lol I would never had thunk that this #myers add-on would have been so good...But I was so wrong after all this time I have never used it lol I like this better than infinite Myers honestly ! I call this " S*** your pants Myers HAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://www.facebook.com/deadmansonny I will also be streaming Valhalla this week ! Come hang out with me ! #deadbydaylight -bitter murmur -play with your food -bbq-chilli _save the best for last

Dead by daylight (Swf tries to bully me)

I knew real fast that I had to change my play-style ,seeing as how these survivors were trying to bully me as legion. Sometimes to just have to go with the flow, and just do what you can . Any killer can get bullied ,any killer in this game can get a 4k doesn't matter the level. Or perks ,its all about the players skill and being able to adapt in this game. Also...The T-bags were very strong in this match smh..makes no sense on why to play like that! And I'm also aware that #legion lunge is broken still. #deadbydaylight #swf I will be live streaming Assassins' Creed Valhalla this week ! come join me https://www.facebook.com/deadmansonny

Some hillbilly fun!Dead By Daylight (Ps4)

Hello friends ! so I unlocked the pig outfit for billy ,its so firkin awesome right ?! So it motivated me to play around with him a little bit lol He is just one of those killers I have never played much because I'm a CONSOLE gamer lol Didn't get to use his chainsaw much .But it was still fun ! wasn't sweaty at all. If you guys would like to check out my live stream page https://www.facebook.com/deadmansonny #deadbydaylight #hillbilly

Legion works great(Dead By Daylight) 2020

'I DO NOT OWN RIGHTS TO ANY MUSIC NOR DO I CLAIM TO' SO the legion was bugged for a little bit there ,it seems to me like they did something and he works like legion is supposed to to again lol I have only played with him a handful of times ,but man he is so much fun ! Any legion main out here ?! I would like to know what you think of him lately. And shoot me some cool tactics ! I didn't have a ton of perks open for him. But man i really love mad grit, and forced penance lol even though didn't get to use mad grit in this match. Here is my live home for now https://www.facebook.com/deadmansonny If you would be so kind and go drop by and drop a follow maybe ! #legion #deadbydaylight

Dead by daylight-Family gathering with Myers ( ps4 )

I set a personal challenge for myself to do. A viewer suggested it to me also lol seemed quit fun ! "have all 4 survivors hooked in the basement at the same time, as Myers lol aka "The Shape " OK!!!! lol challenge excepted! This was actually really fun lol Im sure it wasn't fun to the survivors. But I did message a couple of them and told them why I did that lol It was all GGS If you like this kind of content ,or if you have a challenge of your own ,that you would like to give me. COMMENT BELOW ! I like keeping things fun and interesting. Drop a subscribe and a like ! Thanks guys #deadbydaylight #myers #ps4 Also. If you would like to check out my live streaming home https://www.facebook.com/deadmansonny

Dead By Daylight-Crazy trapper match ( ps4 )

A really fun trapper match ! Although very irritating at times lol After the first 10 minutes. I knew I had to change my play-style up a bit Trapper is in my top 3 killers that I main.I feel like i just connect with him lol The last half of this match. He was just a basic m1 killer unfortunately ,but I made it work ! Pretty decent survivors also on a horrible killer map .Still got a win #deadbydaylight #trapper #ps4

T-Bag freddy ?!

This is Freddy's world b**** lol Bring a key,I bring mori T-bag me-get the mori also lol #Deadbydaylight #freddy