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Recap Movie | Future Affairs Berlin 2020

On 14 December 2020, Germany’s Federal Foreign Office was hosting the second Future Affairs conference in Berlin a joint production with re:publica and with the support of the non-profit think tank Stiftung Neue Verantwortung. This is our look back at the international event with the topic “Decoupling the Internet – Taking Sides or Chances?”. Thank you to all speakers and participants! http://www.future-affairs.de Video by www.sureshotfilms.de

Data Protection and Digital Rights | Future Affairs Berlin 2020

Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe have seen considerable developments to establish and strengthen digital and data protection rights. Both regions undertake efforts aimed at giving their citizens more power to decide how and for what purpose data is collected online, and how governments can give their citizens actionable digital rights. However, both regions also face considerable challenges in achieving these objectives, driven for example by resource-poor enforcement, industry opposition and conflicts of interest by governments hesitant to limit their own authority. This panel will shed light on major challenges as well as on the options to overcome them, including potential learnings to be shared between the regions. Eduardo Magrani: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/member/25082 Katitza Rodriguez: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/member/25076 Estelle Massé: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/member/25072 Emmanuel Letouzé: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/member/25075 Eduardo Bertoni: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/member/25090 Find out more: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/session/data-protection-digital-rights Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Germany (CC BY-SA 4.0 DE)

Welcome to Future Affairs – Conversation with Federal Foreign... | Future Affairs Berlin 2020

Full title: Welcome to Future Affairs - in Conversation with Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas Germany’s Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas will be opening the one-day conference in Berlin. In a personal conversation, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas addresses some of the major issues that concern us in these times. Heiko Maas: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/member/21915 Marianna Evenstein: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/member/25091 Find out more: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/session/bienvenidos-future-affairs-en-conversacion-con-el-ministro-aleman-de-asuntos-exteriores Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Germany (CC BY-SA 4.0 DE)

Welcome to Future Affairs – Gespräch mit Bundesaußenminister Heiko Maas | Future Affairs Berlin 2020

Bundesaußenminister Heiko Maas eröffnet die virtuelle Konferenz in Berlin. In einem persönlichen Gespräch stellt sich Außenminister Heiko Maas einigen der großen Themen, die uns in diesen Zeiten beschäftigen. Heiko Maas: https://20.futureaffairs.de/de/user/21915 Marianna Evenstein: https://20.futureaffairs.de/de/user/25091 Find out more at: https://20.futureaffairs.de/de/session/welcome-future-affairs-gespraech-bundesaussenminister-heiko-maas Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Germany (CC BY-SA 4.0 DE)

Building Resilience in Cybersecurity | Future Affairs Berlin 2020

Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe have made progress in countering global cybersecurity threats by bolstering cybersecurity resilience. Resilience policies provide a solid base for other cybersecurity policy instruments, like national cybersecurity strategies, certifications, minimum standards and transparency requirements and global dialogues on technical standards and norms for responsible state behavior. This panel unites cybersecurity resilience experts from both regions to analyze policies and instruments already in place and also explore ways forward for interregional resilience cooperation, which can range from risk assessment to adaptation, education, information-sharing, and coordination. Nathalie Van Raemdonck: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/member/25073 Louise Marie Hurel: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/member/25071 Agnieszka Wierzbicka: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/member/25081 Annegret Bendiek: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/member/25103 Michelle Ribeiro: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/member/25102 Find out more at: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/session/building-resilience-cybersecurity Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Germany (CC BY-SA 4.0 DE)

Didier Reynders: Opening remarks | Future Affairs Berlin 2020

Commissioner Reynders shares his thoughts about our common digital future from a European perspective.Technologies come with ethical and legal risks and raise questions about fundamental rights, trust and the role of governments in technological change.What digital policy works for everyone? What does it need to create a safe internet space for individuals and how can we ensure that technology works for individuals and not against them? Let’s take a look at challenges of the digital age and common shared values worldwide - and especially in the EU and Latin America. Didier Reynders: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/user/25087 Find out more at: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/session/opening-remarks-commissioner-didier-reynders Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Germany (CC BY-SA 4.0 DE)

Decoupling the Internet – Taking Sides or Chances? | Future Affairs Berlin 2020

The world witnesses rising competition among nations for technological superiority. A potential de-coupling and fragmentation into techno-spheres will have far reaching consequences on our societies, economic systems and the global game of power. Can the EU in a polarized global set-up offer a ‘third option’ based on shared democratic values and human rights? Where can Europe be a partner for the world in digitization? Christoph Röckerath: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/member/25083 Mario Cimoli: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/member/25104 Kim Jørgensen: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/member/25088 Víctor Manuel Muñoz Rodriguez: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/member/25098 Find out more at: https://20.futureaffairs.de/en/session/decoupling-internet-taking-sides-or-chances Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Germany (CC BY-SA 4.0 DE)

Future Affairs Berlin 2020 | Livestream - ENGLISH

Future Affairs Berlin 2020 | 14 December 2020 | 10:00 - 17:00 CET | www.future-affairs.de On 14 December 2020, Germany’s Federal Foreign Office will be hosting the second Future Affairs conference in Berlin, a joint production with re:publica and with the support of the non-profit think tank Stiftung Neue Verantwortung. This year’s international event is focusing on the topic “Decoupling the Internet – Taking Sides or Chances?” It takes place in a virtual format, broadcast live and freely accessible for the first time on www.future-affairs.de. After their sessions, the speakers will be available for questions and answers in interactive Q&A sessions. These will be broadcast live. Questions can be submitted via the online form here: https://20.futureaffairs.de/de/questions Via the hashtag #FUTaf20 we are simultaneously moderating ongoing discussions on Twitter and Facebook. About Future Affairs Berlin 2020 The Future Affairs forum addresses the latest future trends impacting foreign policy and security policy. After its successful premiere in May 2019, the event series is being continued in December 2020. Along with questions of national sovereignty and stability, this year’s forum will also be focusing on the topics of data security and cybersecurity, the fragmentation of the internet, and the geopolitical power that technological leadership brings. In moderated panel discussions and digital roundtables, distinguished speakers from around the world will be presenting new approaches and future scenarios, exchanging views on trends in digitisation, and developing ideas for shaping the policies of tomorrow in a transdisciplinary dialogue with the online community.

Future Affairs Berlin 2020 | Livestream - DEUTSCH

Future Affairs Berlin 2020 | 14 December 2020 | 10:00 - 17:00 CET | www.future-affairs.de Am 14. Dezember 2020 veranstaltet das Auswärtige Amt zum zweiten Mal gemeinsam mit der re:publica und mit Unterstützung der Stiftung Neue Verantwortung die Konferenz „Future Affairs“ in Berlin. In diesem Jahr wird die internationale Veranstaltung zum Thema „Decoupling the Internet – Taking Sides or Chances?“ virtuell ausgerichtet. Nach ihren Sessions stehen die Redner*innen für Fragen und Antworten in interaktiven Q&A-Sessions zur Verfügung. Diese werden live übertragen. Fragen können über das Online-Formular an die Sprecher*innen gerichtet werden: https://20.futureaffairs.de/de/questions Unter dem Hashtag #FUTaf20 moderieren wir die laufenden Diskussionen auf Twitter und Facebook. Über Future Affairs Berlin 2020 Das „Future Affairs“-Forum widmet sich aktuellen Zukunftstrends mit außen- und sicherheitspolitischer Bedeutung. Neben der Frage nach nationaler Souveränität und Stabilität stehen in diesem Jahr die Themen Datensicherheit und Cybersecurity, Fragmentierung des Internets sowie geopolitische Macht durch Technologieführerschaft im Vordergrund. Hochkarätige Sprecher*innen aus aller Welt werden in moderierten Panels und in digitalen Diskussionsrunden neue Denkansätze und Zukunftsszenarien aufzeigen, zu Trends der Digitalisierung diskutieren und in einem transdisziplinären Dialog mit der Online-Community Ideen für die Gestaltung der Politik von morgen entwickeln.

Future Affairs Berlin 2020 I Livestream - Spanish

Future Affairs Berlin 2020 | 14 December 2020 | 10:00 - 17:00 CET | www.future-affairs.de El 14 de diciembre de 2020, el Ministerio Alemán de Asuntos Exteriores celebra por segunda vez en Berlín en colaboración con re:publica y el apoyo de la Stif­tung Neue Ver­ant­wort­ung, la conferencia «Future Affairs». El evento internacional de este año bajo el título «Decoupling the Internet – Taking Sides or Chances?» tendrá lugar virtualmente. Se transmitirá por primera vez en directo y será accesible gratuitamente en www.future-affairs.de. Después de cada sesión, los ponentes estarán en línea para responder sus preguntas en directo en una ronda interactiva de preguntas y respuestas. Las preguntas pueden realizarse a través del formulario online: https://20.futureaffairs.de/de/questions Paralelamente, pueden seguir las conversación en Twitter y Facebook bajo el hashtag #FUTaf20. Temática Future Affairs Berlin 2020 El foro «Future Affairs» examina las tendencias futuras actuales de relevancia para la política exterior y de seguridad. Tras su exitoso estreno en mayo de 2019, la serie de eventos tendrá su continuación en diciembre de 2020. Este año, se centrará, además de en los temas dedicados a la soberanía y la estabilidad nacionales, en la seguridad de datos, la ciberseguridad, la fragmentación de Internet y el poder geopolítico mediante el liderazgo tecnológico. Ponentes destacados de todo el mundo expondrán en paneles y en rondas de debate digital, nuevos enfoques y escenarios futuros, debatirán las tendencias de la digitalización y desarrollarán ideas para configurar la política del mañana en un diálogo transdisciplinario con la comunidad online.

Toleranz im Netz – Mobb und Bully gehören nicht dazu! | Netzfest

Klimaveränderung in der digitalen Welt: Mobber suchen in den sozialen Medien neue Opfer. Wer nicht schnell genug in Deckung geht oder das falsche Foto hochgeladen hat, der bekommt die Breitseite dieser Phänomene zu spüren. Selbst Schuld? Was tun? Wie helfen? Hass, Häme, Hetze - unsere Kommunikation im Netz ist, viel zu oft, verroht. Das Problem: Stimmen der Mehrheit, der Mitte und der Mäßigung, verstummen und werden nicht gehört. Was können wir, als Individuen und als Zivilgesellschaft, tun? Céline Sturm: https://20.netzfest.de/de/member/24494 Gilda Sahebi: https://20.netzfest.de/de/member/25014 Find out more: https://20.netzfest.de/de/session/toleranz-im-netz-mobb-bully-gehoren-nicht-dazu-vorproduktion-gebardendolmetschen Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Germany (CC BY-SA 4.0 DE)