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Changes of Sovereign Credit Rating and Outlook During Pandemic Crisis; from March to October 2020.

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Here, I present the CHANGES of Sovereign Credit Ratings and Outlooks during 2020 Pandemic crisis, especially from March to October 2020.
Comparing Rating/Outlook with those of pre-spike days (Late February) includes Rating/Outlook by big 3 Major Credit rating agencies - S&P, Fitch and Moody’s.

If a certain country's color is light red, it means that the only outlook was lowered compared to outlook at February 29. And if the color is dard red, the country's rating had been touched partial default level during pandemic. Dark red can't be changed to other color even if credit rating was upgraded.

The most recent credit rating change was made by Moody's. The rating agency cut UK's grade one notch to Aa3 while adding that its outlook was stable.

Recently, despite growing levels of public debt, the IMF has advised governments to keep some fiscal supports. And the credit rating agencies have been downgraded sovereign credit ratings for many countries. Usually the downgrades of credit rating reflects general risks of a certain country, also it can cause another new liquidity risk.

data source: tradingeconomics.com
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Dear all,
I can’t guess where we are heading to in this pandemic crisis. There are various complications caused by policies against COVID 19. If we aim at minimizing sum of all complications, it would be the best way to overcome this. But no one can quantify degree of complications.

I have been silence in COVID19 live streaming for several months. Stepping back from furious debating, I am just waiting news about vaccines and medicines. I am really sorry everyone, especially many modertors sincererly helping and encouraging me.

It’s almost 9 months since the last video clip was made. I feel shy to show video what I had been made, because almost all my dear subscribers were from live-streaming. I hope you would not be disappointed to see Roylab Stats’ new one. I will keep gathering data and considering good presentation.

Please stay safe until we get medicines and vaccines.
Thank You.

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